mercredi 26 juillet 2017

Rock climbing for the 1 st time- Kampot

  It all started with a New year resolution. I will keep and save all the 5$ notes and use them on my birthday. My birthday is on a school day so I had a early B-day weekend. (Birthday month is a thing).

I wanted to physically challenge myself and I'm afraid of height so I decided to go Rock climbing. The best place for beginners is in Kampot with Climbodia. It took me on a half day discovery tour.  "Climbodia offers an extraordinary tour combining easy rock climbing, via ferrata, abseiling and caving to discover Cambodia's largest caving complex inside out in a safe and exciting way."Exciting, hey.
The site is situated at Phnom Kbal Romeas, 15 minutes from Kampot. I rent a moto to go there by myself. And lucky enough it didn't rain that day.

But first I took the train for the 1 st time. It leaves at 7am and arrived in Kampot at 11am earlier than planned. It's really good. No traffic jam , only when you have to wait for the train to come the opposite way, and even the toilets are clean. It's safe if you don't get too close from the open doors and when the trains don't collide like yesterday in Sihanoukville. And it's also the only train that has stopped a minute after departure to wait for one more paseenger. I spent my time taking photos, reading and playing with the little girl in front of me and thinking if I don't climb tomorrow, I will never will.

When I got to Kampot I chose a nice guest house, the Green house, the bathroom in the bungalow was great! People were nice , the food is specialized on Kampot pepper. The fondant was amazing! The view was relaxing. It reminded me of Laos. Too bad there is no beautiful sunrise. I kept reading Games of Throne (still not finished).  I slept like a baby.

No rain today, great day for rock climbing. The place was easy to find. A Scottish family was with me. The 2 sons were tireless little monkeys. First 1hour of rock climbing, I went first, then second hour climbing via the caves. and Finally i was too exhausted to climb more. I had some scratches and sore muscles but I did it and i'm proud of me ! The guides were awesome encouraging, they explain the way very well but at the end if you don't push yourself up, no one will do it for you!

This one is the first climb...

After that, I was dirty , hungry and exhausted but highly satisfied!!

I went back to my guest house, I wish I had a bath. The rain started a little bit later and never stopped until the next day afternoon (how lucky). Best excuse to chill and read.
Then back to Phnom Penh

Items on my Bucket list checked. What next now?

I still have some 5$ notes and I will save more until my birthday !!

mercredi 16 novembre 2016

Water festival 13-15 Novembre 2016

Le Festival a eu lieu cette année du dimanche 13 au mardi 15. J'y suis allée 2 fois, un matin, et le soir de la super lune avec un long mais peu impressionnant feu d'artifice. J'avais l'ímpression de reprendre les mémes photos qu'avant , des enfants, des vieux et des bateaux . bah c'est ca le festival de l 'eau.
row, row, row your... nope swim!

The girl in the back is taking off the boy shoe


Protection from sun in style

I showed her photo afterwards, the mum thanked me


I saw a boy and a girl looking alike. I noticed her legs afterwards

Wat Botom monks

give it a try??

Supermoon is rising

lundi 7 novembre 2016

Basith mountain, dimanche 23 octobre

Ca faisait longtemps mais un dimanche j'ai rejoint le groupe de rando pour toute une journée a Basith mountain, a environ 1 heure de Phnom Penh. C'était surtout l'occasion de sortir le nez de mes études. J'ai été agréablement surprise par le site bien connu des cambodgiens. Il y a un temple qui date de... enfin qui date quoi. Voici quelques photos.